Connecting people through service

To provide basic service and learning opportunities for girls and the local community through community driven projects/programs

Big Minds Community Association

4 Years of touching lives

BMCA is committed to promoting sustainable development and constructive social change. We aim to empower, make a lasting difference and build a community where every girl child has the chance to prosper and make a positive contribution to society by emphasizing on menstrual healthcare, education, and inclusivity.”

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Girlchild Welfare Projects

What we do.

Touching lives

Wellness & Menstrual Health

Menstruation hygiene awareness still continues to be a major challenges for majority of the urban poor girls

Building Supportive Community

BMCA works to build new ideas and looking for new means to improve the lives of the young women living in the slums.

Promoting Gender Equality

BMCA works to dismantle deeply rooted gender stereotypes and promoting inclusivity instead of being limited by gender-based expectations from society.

Mentorship & Role Models

BMCA gives young females mentorship towards the future to help transform, break down barriers and show possibilities.

Addressing GBV

BMCA aspires to equality and justice, combating gender-based violence as our paramount mission.


When girls receive quality education, it breaks the cycle of poverty and gives communities a whole a sense of empowerment.


Committed to serving everyday

As an NGO, we are majorly relying on donations and support from kindhearted individuals and institutions who share the same vision as ours. Join us in our campaigns and projects. Join us and share our campaigns with your family and friends.

Pads Drive

We will be having a Pad Drive to raise 20,000 sanitary towels on 30th April 2024 at Biafra Social. Join us!

School Fee contributions

We will be having a School Fee Harambee to raise school fee to assist 10 student join form one come January 2024. The Harambee will be held on 10th January 2024 at Biafra Social. Join us!

Menstrual day

We still open to collections of sanitary pads to add to our bundle which we plan to distribute to more schools in our community. Join us on 16th February as we celebrate the Menstrual day and share menstrual items in our community.

Our Purpose

We work to

Empower the Girlchild

Many impoverished slums in the center of developing countries are home to many families that are battling to survive. Girls are among the most vulnerable people living in these communities, as they frequently encounter particular difficulties because of their gender and socioeconomic standing. But it’s important to acknowledge that these girls have a lot of promise and that, given the correct assistance, they can get past any challenges. This essay looks at the different ways we may support girls living in impoverished slums to break out from the cycle of poverty and realize their goals.

Best Practices For the Girlchild

Helping girls from poor slums is not just a matter of charity but a significant investment in the future

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We are located at Kinyago 

Promoting girls’ education, health, and general well-being.

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