About Us

About Us

Big Minds Community Association (BMCA)

Big Minds Community Association (BMCA) is a Non-profit Organization (NGO)  that is registered under Attorney General Office in Kenya under the Society’s Act 2019. The CBO advocates for Girl child welfare, women health care, Gender Based Violence (GBV), community empowerment and learning opportunities through community projects that promote social change, transformation, sustainable personal and youth development programs . Most of our projects/programs concentrate in Nairobi’s urban slums.


Menstruation hygiene awareness  still continues to be a major challenges for majority of the urban poor girls; Majority of these girls  lack access to education and are disadvantaged as they have no way out of the problem as most of them emanate from poor slum families that cannot meet their basic needs. The lack of these basic needs like sanitary towels and other essential ladies’ necessities that are too costly forces this vulnerable group to abscond the realities of life and instead opt to enroll themselves into prostitution, early marriage, illegal sects and Drug abuse which has resulted into early pregnancies and a don’t care attitude syndrome that has led to early deaths and loss of status.

The challenge is escalating without a resilient measure to our young girls. Additionally, their reproductive health has deteriorated due to unaffordable sanitary towels, medical attention and hygienic materials. During menses time, most girls are shamed as everyone knows why they are absent thus lowering their self-esteem. The Big Minds Community Association has identified this big challenge facing such girls and has adopted a girl child program to help offer menstrual hygiene training, awareness, supply them with affordable sanitary pads and help meet other essential girls’ needs as means to get them back to school so that they can have a brighter future. By so doing, our intention is to create a long term and sustainable impact that will create a culture of best menstrual hygiene practices, a motivated girl child that will see them approach life positively.


  • To provide basic service and learning opportunities for girls and the local community through community driven projects/programs


  • Envision to enhance the community by improving health, education and social –economic empowerment

Core Values

The Big Minds Community Association is guided by the following values:

Integrity: The Organization upholds honesty, truthfulness and reliability in the provision of service to the community.

Team work: The organization is a strong advocate of team work & shared responsibilities with a view to promoting a culture of educate-to-educate in order to ensure synergy and collective impact while carrying out its activities.

Competence: The Big Minds Community Association endeavors to enhance and promote contemporary soft skills with the aim of establishing successful businesses, social enterprises as well as gain employability in the job market for our program beneficiaries.

Creativity and innovation: The organization shall endeavor to utilize and promote the latest, up-to date and most effective strategies, ideas, skills, technology and competencies towards improving livelihoods.

Overall Goal

  • Our overall goal is to outline the linkages between community, business entity, Non-State actors (NGOs, CBOs etc.), corporate donors and the government to achieve the Sustainable development Goals (SDGs) on gender equality, Kenya’s vision 2030 through youth/women unity as key milestone to sustainable development goals.
  •  We aspire to increase the coverage and quality of women-girl child/youth projects Reproductive Health, Governance, Social Recreational activities like sports, peer pressure, health (HIV/AIDS), Art/culture and other components that will benefit women/youth in communities within Kenya and all areas that have been affected by Human ignorance & poverty.

Menstruation hygiene Awareness

We do not only distribute sanitary pads, but we also hold constructive and quality education programs intended to teaching and creating awareness to these the young women about their menstruation period and the importance of maintaining high sanitary hygiene. You might be surprised to learn that some of the young women in these tough areas do not know about the importance of their menstruation cycle. Our engagements are open, fun and quite active giving a chance to the young women to speak up openly and share without fear about their lives. We are hoping to see thousands of schools going children within the poverty-stricken slums of Nairobi benefit from our projects and gaining access to the quality education. If you wish to get involved and create an impact in the community, probably by sponsoring a girl back to school, donating stationery or other materials; please find the attached form to notify us that you would like to take part.

Thousands of young women in the slums and poor backgrounds are battling access sanitary pads during their menstruation period which leaves them feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed where some opt different types of materials such as clothes, sponges and even mattresses to handle their situation. We are targeting to collect 100,000 sanitary products to help the less fortunate young girls in our community.

High levels of poverty force some girls to engage in unprotected sex so as to get money to buy the pads, pants and other basic needs.

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